Friday, May 10, 2024


The 2024 FOGBEE Katy Tour starts and ends in Hendersonville TN on May 20, 2024 to May 27,2024, pedaling from Kansas City KS to St. Charles MO


The group (of EIGHT) will meet in St. Charles and transfer their bikes by U-Haul to Kansas City. The trip is Inn-to-Inn with the possibility of camping for some members. 


It is SAG SUPPORTED with some participants taking turns to drive the vehicle for around 10 miles.   Bruce and Ross will drive daily and Jimmy and Mark don't drive.

The EXPENSE SPREADSHEET details the costs of the tour.
Each person DAILY picks up the share of the motels using THEIR CC (as shown on the spreadsheet). Tom has reserved four rooms in each motel with his CC.
   -Each should plan to pay CASH to Ross and Phil at the beginning of trip for SAG & U-Haul.
   -Each should reconcile the motel expenses to pay to Tom and Mark.

Tuesday, May 7, 2024


Since the newbees are getting anxious about the Katy Trip, let me summarize.

Bob, Bruce, and I have been coordinating these tours over the last 20 years.

We have a procedure that works best for everyone.

As Bob established ages ago,"We plan in great detail and ask everyone execute in great flexibility."


The Katy Tour was laid out by Bob and Bruce. Bruce agreed to be the "tour director." I picked up from Bruce, as "backup tour director," when he had medical problems. We are trying to accommodate everyone's preferences. I won't "finalize" until May 12th and distribute all the details to everyone. Here is the current draft.

- We have a 7 hour drive to St. Charles with Ross and Phil driving their vehicles.

- We have a 5 hour drive from St. Charles with Ross & Doug (U-haul) driving to Kansas City.

We need to be ready to go on Sunday afternoon.

- Ross will arrive at my house with his bike in the van. We'll add my bike/gear inside the van.

- Bruce, Mark, and Jimmy will load bikes in van's rack. Bruce and Jimmy gear inside the van. Mark will take his gear to Phil's house.

- Doug and Phil will load their bikes and gear in Phil's house.

We need to depart (caravan style) around 6:30 AM on Monday morning.

- Everyone can leave cars in my driveway.

- Phil and Doug drive directly to U-Haul, pickup truck, and drive to Bike Shop.

We need to depart (caravan style) around 2:30 AM on Monday afternoon from Bike Shop. 610 S Main St, Saint Charles, MO 63301

- We load bikes/gear (Doug, Phil, Bruce, Mark, and Bob's) into U-haul.

- We will have bubble pack and ropes for bikes securing.

Arrive Kansas City motel around 7:30 PM on Monday.

- Don 't unload bikes just have dinner and do to bed.

In Kansas City motel around 9:00 AM on Tuesday.

- Unload bikes.

- Drop off U-Haul

In Kansas City motel around 11:00 AM on Tuesday - START PEDALING


Here is the expense plan

- On May 12th, I will send everyone "a bill." Pay CASH to Ross and Phil before leaving my house.

- Everyone pays the motel as we go. I will have a schedule for sharing "roomies" and settling up. Mostly (Bob/Bruce, Ross/Tom, Jimmy/Phil, Doug (single), Mark camping.)


Pedaling plan

- Everyone rides as it best suits them. Make sure you have Life360. I expect it to be HOT. Try to plan to start at 8 AM (rain and clear).

- Try to stay as group, but that never happens. Stop at SAG points, lunch, and motel. Ross has a large cooler for drinks.

- On May 12th, I will distribute the SAG schedule per everyone's preferences and GPS points for SAG. Bruce does every first SAG and Ross does last half (after lunch). We have room for FIVE in SAG in case you're feeling poorly.

- On May 12th, I distribute CUE Lists and RideWithGPS routes. You should download your files for your Wahoo, Garmin, and cellphones.

- Mark is making his own plans to coordinate with the group.


ENDING, May 27th

- We should finish around 3PM or earlier in Bike Shop.

- Load bikes in van/Phil's in same manner as we drop at the start.

- Bob will settle with Bike Shop and go to his motel. We'll drop Bob at his motel near the airport.

- We drive to H'ville.



- I suggest everyone (except Ross and Bob) join at OCTO lunch, May 16th, at Sander's Ferry Pizza.

- I will be in Knoxville Friday & Saturday.



Sunday, February 18, 2024


The 2024 FOGBEE Katy Tour starts and ends in Hendersonville TN on May 20, 2024 to May 27,2024, pedaling from Kansas City KS to St. Charles MO. The RideWithGPS maps are

The group (of EIGHT) will meet in St. Charles and transfer their bikes by U-Haul to Kansas City. The trip is Inn-to-Inn with the possibility of camping for some members. Their itinerary is .

It is SAG supported with each participant taking turns to drive the vehicle for around 10 miles. 

The ROUGH estimate of cost is

Mark Greene camped Katy in 2023. His video is (sorry about the video ads).

For more information about the Katy Trail check and the Katy Trail Riders Group 

Friday, July 14, 2023

Ross Has Done Katy THREE times

I have ridden the Katy Trail 3 times over the years and yes I would ride it again. 

The first time was about 20 years ago, my sister and I rode from Clinton to St Charles the east terminus at that time was St Charles. We were self contained and camped all the way across. I pulled a BoB trailer with all my gear and my sister used panniers. 

The next time my van was the SAG wagon and we rode Machens trailhead to Clinton and camped each night in a campground. 

The last time was fall of 2016, and the present van that I have was the SAG Wagon. We rode Clinton to the Machens Trailhead and camped in campgrounds each night. 

There are B & B options all along the trail and motels in nearby towns so that option should not be a problem to work out. It will be interesting to see what your preliminary plan looks like. Each time my van was SAG we had 7 or 8 people and Bobby Jones was one of them.


Preliminary Plan

When I did the Original KATY for turtles in 2019, the Rock Island trail was under construction. It's now complete. Also, Google now has more cycling data, including nominally cycle friendly streets in KC. I've sampled some with Google Streets and have concerns about just how cycle friendly they are. (Think Dickerson Pike in Nashville, purportedly a cycle route.) I've updated the KATY RWGPS route to include Rock Island and cycle friendly roads across Kansas City into Missouri. Ross has done the KATY, I believe more than once. Perhaps he can give us better insight.

This route was planned as a 10 day totally across Missouri 460 mile tour from Cape Girardeau to Kansas City, NE. That might be ambitious for this half decade older crew.  The route can be trimmed at both ends to make a shorter tour and on almost all rail trails.  Say from St Charles to Peasant Hill, 6 days and 225 miles, all on rail trail except any end of day connection to lodging.  And to heck with Fall 2024, I say shoot for next Spring.